Reflexology Certificate

Payment plan option available

$250 deposit due at time of accepted registration
Duration: 12 months to complete
Your instructor
Karena Crumpler, LCRT
(Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher)

Successful completion of the Reflexology Certificate program and preparation for application to the Reflexology Association of Canada for the RCRT designation.

Participants must be 18 years of age or have completed Grade 12. Proficiency in both written and oral English is essential.

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of fundamental theories and principles of foot reflexology. Develop theoretical knowledge of body systems through the study of Anatomy & Physiology. Gain practical expertise in stimulating the foot reflexes using a reflexology chart/body map. Learn safe and therapeutic treatment protocols, including:
  • Professional record-taking.
  • Adherence to professional standards, encompassing the relevant standard of practice, scope of practice, and Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Guidelines for recognizing contraindications.
Hybrid class consisting of 40 hours of class instruction, a mandatory 6-month review, a written and practical exam, and completion of 50 case studies.
  • Course materials include Core and Foot manuals, along with a Home Study Workbook.
  • Written exams must be completed within three months of the class’s conclusion.
  • Practical exams must be completed within one year of the class’s conclusion.
  • Home study workbooks are to be finalized and presented during the examiner’s assessment.
  • Completion of 50 case studies is required within one year of the class’s conclusion.

To apply, please email: